Site Rebuild - 2024

Hanging out on Mastodon has inspired me to put a bit more effort into my personal website. I generally work on iOS software so I don’t have that much experience making websites. That seems like something I should fix. I’m using this project to learn how to lay out a website and style it.

My first attempt at this is going to be all hand written HTML and CSS. I want to get much more familiar with the basics before I start using any tools to help me. Once I have figure out a decent design and the content I want, the next step will be to introduce a static site generator.

The plan

  • Write some HTML
  • Write some CSS
  • Publish my first iteration
  • Choose a static site generator
  • Update layout for mobile
  • Rework project template
  • Add a Thoughts section
  • Add SSL
  • Add a Pictures section
  • Automate publishing
  • Add RSS feeds
  • Add POSSE