Swinburne University of Technology — B.Eng Electronics and Computer Systems, 2010


Software Development

  • 6 years Objective-C development
  • 6 years Swift development
  • In depth knowledge of UIKit and Cocoa Touch
  • Extensive experience with Core Data, Sqlite, Realm
  • Experience with RxSwift and functional reactive programming
  • Experience with Core Location, Core Bluetooth, 3rd party hardware integration
  • Experience designing app architectures
  • Extensive experience with unit testing and TDD
  • Experience with build pipeline management and automation (git, fastlane, GitHub, GitHub Actions, etc)

Technical management

  • Experience leading iOS development projects
  • Experience working with multiple teams and companies to deliver projects
  • Experience with Agile development techniques, including running stand-ups, retros

Team management

  • Experience running 1-1s
  • Experience mentoring team members
  • Experience improving team knowledge


Mobile contractor

October 2023 - March 2024

  • Set up development infrastructure (CI, testing frameworks)
  • Produced an iOS codebase to wrap an existing PWA.
  • Wrote bluetooth integration for Core Bluetooth and MFi devices.

Senior iOS Developer, Cochlear

December 2021 - July 2023

  • Contributed to the development of complex features involving Bluetooth, RxSwift, CouchDB and various other dependencies.
  • Developed high priority features such as Sound Processor compatibility.
  • Led discussions about architecture improvements.
  • Introduced improvements to team culture including daily standups.
  • Worked to improve communication with other teams and departments to maintain creditbility and priorities.
  • Contributed to hiring by reviewing resumes and code tests, and participating in interviews.

iOS Developer, Ovatu

March 2020 - October 2021

  • Led the development of a ground-up Swift rewrite of the Ovatu iOS app.
  • Moved existing iOS code to a MVC + Coordinator architecture to improve ability to add features.
  • Implemented new features using Promises, Eureka Forms.
  • Worked with backend developers to implement OAuth 2 alongside existing login mechanism.
  • Implemented process and quality improvements.
  • Introduced a testing culture including educating colleagues and adding a test suite to existing code for the iOS rewrite.
  • Implemented automated release process using fastlane, GitHub Actions and TestFlight.

iOS Team Lead, Touch Surgery

December 2017 - September 2019

  • Led improvements in quality
  • Increased release schedule from roughly once every six weeks to consistently once a fortnight.
  • Automated the release process for increased reliability.
  • Increased the crash-free rate to 99.9%.
  • Led improvements in team coding practices and skills.
  • Introduced a testing culture and working closely with QA.
  • Introduced technical kickoff discussions for large features.
  • Ran a bookclub for the engineering team.
  • Responsible for designing and implementing features and architecture improvements.
  • Moved architecture towards MVVM + Coordinator.
  • Improved and simplified use of RxSwift
  • Managed four direct reports. Responsibilities included:
    • Hiring developers
    • Running 1 to 1s
    • Career planning

Mobile contractor

May 2017- October 2017

  • Implemented integration and unit tests for exiting code.
  • Improved the design of existing network and Core Data stack.
  • Advised clients on code maintainability.

Mobile Team Lead, Domestic Cat

2015 - May 2017

  • Led development of Coles iOS 3.0, achieving a 99.8% crash free rate with more than 120,000 monthly active users.
  • Responsible for designing application architectures and making technical decisions for client projects.
  • Mentored and advised team members on technical matters such as application design, persistence, and testing.
  • Helped set technical standards for Domestic Cat, including unit testing and continuous integration on all projects.
  • Helped grow Domestic Cat from a two person operation to a thirteen person consulting firm.

Mobile developer, Domestic Cat

2012 - 2014

  • Developed and deployed mobile software for clients including Coles, ANZ, Kogan, Strike Bowling, and ChimpChange.
  • Worked on applications for iOS, Android, and wearable platforms.
  • Integrated Bluetooth devices such as payment hardware, colour measuring devices, and beacons into client applications.
  • Integrated various web APIs including e-commerce and banking platforms into mobile apps.

iOS developer, Spatial Vision

2011 - 2012

  • Developed custom mapping solutions on iOS for state government clients.
  • Developed consumer facing mapping applications for national parks.




Available on request